A contemporary sushi bar where you can sit down with your friends to enjoy sushi and sashimi while drinking sake. Here, we make room for discovery, we let ourselves be carried away by the voice announcements coming from the bar, the incessant movements that will transport you to the land of the rising sun. The philosophy of the restaurant is to enjoy, to enjoy all the dishes that make you happy and above all to share them with all the guests.


Based on rice alcohol and ferment, it was in the 8th century that sake received its letters of nobility by an edict from the imperial court. Tasting sake could be likened to an initiatory journey, it is a drink rich in symbolism that conveys a culture in its own right. Here our sommelier offers you an unprecedented selection made up of rarities as well as great classics. Menu signed by Fabien Mene “Best Sommelier of Switzerland 2021”

The Concept

Gaku by Lion d’Or

Between tradition and modernity, my menu offers a taste journey ! The concept is to share many small dishes placed on the table while enjoying sake…